Summer 2011 Trend – Colour-Blocking ~ A Summer of Colour

Hello COLOUR! The biggest trend this summer is loud and proud colours. Hands down.

Every colour under the sun is on, from blood orange, to cobalt blue, emerald green, bright purples, marigold, hot flamingo pink, tangerine, turquoise – Ah the list goes on!

Colour-blocking is creating an outfit with strong ‘blocks’ of colours. So Whether it’s an outfit made up of just one or two colours, or three or four, the best way to colour block is to choose colours that contrast strongly. The more confident you are with colours the better! Forget everything your mum told you about matching colours – it’s time to let your colours clash. The louder, the better. Choose colours from the opposite sides of the colour wheel!

Nicole Warne, of blog Gary Pepper Vintage, shows us how it’s done dressed in Zara.

Biggest tip:  If you start to get a bit carried away with this trend keep this simple rule in mind – 3’s a charm. Stop at 3 before you begin to look like a rubiks cube.

Here’s a little inspiration:

Take a leaf out of any of these celeb’s style guides – be loud and proud with your colour.

And this is how they do it on the runway.

How they’re doing it on the street.

Even Michelle Obama’s getting on board!

The lady we love to love – SJP

Nicole Warne for Betts. Man I envy her life!  (

Now if your a little bit scared of too much colour, try stepping out with just one strong colour punched in with a neutral outfit.

Like this:

Now go and fill your wardrobes with some colour!


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